Transversal | ISAP – 8º Congress of the International Society for Applied Phycology

From 16 to 21 June, the 8th Congress of the International Society of Applied Physiology (ISAP) took place in Porto This year’s theme was “Algae 2030: Opportunities and Challenges”, and the Algae Vertical project was represented by several sub-project co-promoters, including GreenCoLAb, the University of Aveiro, ALGAplus, the University of Minho, CIIMAR and CCMAR. During the event, several posters and presentations showcasing the work carried out under the Algae Vertical project were highlighted. Algae Vertical presented significant results related to the production of micro and macroalgae, microbiome, biorefinery, among other topics.

The ISAP congress is an essential platform for researchers and students in the field of algae, providing a favourable environment for participation in forums, thematic discussions, the exchange of ideas and the creation of new networks, which are fundamental for the future of the participants.


Vertical Algae Featured in Voz do Campo Magazine

Algae Vertical Partners Featured in Latest Issue of Voz do Campo Magazine

In the June edition of Voz do Campo magazine, various partners in the Algae Vertical project were invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. This highlight reinforces the importance of collaboration between institutions for the valorisation of algae in the agricultural sector, among others.


GreenCoLab, a collaborative association focused on algae research and valorisation, presented its advances in the creation of biofertilisers, biostimulants and biopesticides. These solutions are promising alternatives to traditional agrochemicals, promoting more sustainable and resilient agriculture. Read the article here.


PROALGA participated with an article entitled ‘Portugal is moving towards becoming a global reference in the algae sector.’ The article emphasizes how Portugal stands out for its innovation in the sector, with pioneering companies such as Necton, ALGAplus, Allmicroalgae and Iberagar, as well as artisanal Spirulina producers. Read the article here.

InnovPlantProtect & Necton

IPP, in co-authorship with Necton, highlighted the development of algae-based soil microbiota bioprotectors and modulators. These products aim to increase the sustainability of agricultural production, reducing environmental impact and improving soil and plant health. Read the article here.

The collaboration between these partners demonstrates the potential of algae to transform diverse sectors, from agriculture to food and beyond. For more information on the contributions of Algae Vertical’s partners, visit our website.