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Meet Our Partners

Each groundbreaking project needs exciting partners

ALGAplus, established in 2011 near Ria de Aveiro, produces seaweed and healthy products, excelling in sustainable aquaculture.

B2E CoLAB is a non-profit organization dedicated to the blue bioeconomy, collaborating with national and international partners in various areas.

CCMAR leads marine science research, notably through the Aquagroup, focused on functional diets for fish.

CIIMAR aims to promote research excellence, technological development, and interdisciplinary cooperation to advance marine knowledge and sustainability.

Colab4Food is a non-profit association bridging academia and industry to develop sustainable, nutritious, and market-oriented food solutions through collaboration.

ECOINSIDE, founded in 2006, has a mission to mitigate the climate change. It is specialized in eco-efficiency, sustainability, and offers solutions in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and more.

FCiências.ID, a non-profit association, formed by the University of Lisbon and six private firms, fosters R&D and innovation through project management.

Founded in 1990 by agronomist David Crespo, FERTIPRADO focuses on sustainable crop-livestock systems, offering research, development, and technical support.

GreenCoLab – Green Ocean Technologies and Products Collaborative Laboratory, a non-profit organization, bridges academia and industry for research & innovation focused on algae’s sustainable applications.

International foundation based in Portugal promotes personal and organizational development through art, science, education, and charity, aiming for equity and sustainability.

Hubel Engenharia e Sustentabilidade, part of the Hubel Group, offers automation, monitoring, and control solutions for various industries, promoting sustainability and efficiency.

Hubel Verde, part of the Hubel Group since 1995, ensures agricultural success through innovative, environmentally-responsible products and services..

Iberagar, established in 1964, specializes in extracting biomolecules from marine macroalgae, with a focus on sustainable technical agar production.

Ignae Skincare, from the Azores, offers award-winning skincare with potent ingredients like algae, available worldwide through luxury retailers.

In2sea is a company focused on innovation in sustainable activities within the marine economy, with key competencies in various areas.

ISS is a marine biotech firm specializing in seaweed ingredients for various key markets. ISS mission is to make seaweeds part of the answer to conserving our planet.

InnovPlantProtect (InPP) is a non-profit CoLab dedicated to sustainable crop protection and diagnosis services for Mediterranean crops.

Instituto Galénico, founded in 1998, is a pharmaceutical product manufacturer known for quality, safety, and innovation in medical devices, cosmetics, and more.

IPMA operates the Olhão Pilot Fish Farm (EPPO) for research, development, experimental demonstrations, and collaboration with the productive sector. It also supports professional and academic training.

Necton, a pioneering European microalgae company since 1997, excels in diverse sectors, backed by extensive R&D and experience.

PROALGA’s mission is to defend and promote the interests of algae producers, as well as represent them in decision-making bodies.

RDI offers custom consultancy to enhance competitiveness through R&D&I promotion, strategy, financing, capacity building, and strategic planning services.

ROWMETRIC, founded in 2009, specializes in electrical installations, industrial automation, HVAC, renewables, partnering with international brands. Highly qualified staff ensures efficient, innovative solutions.

S2AQUAcoLAB, established in 2021 in Algarve, connects academia, industry, and partners to lead sustainability solutions in Aquaculture.

Sea4Us is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery of marine compounds, aiming to address clinical needs and become a leader in marine pharmaceutical products.

Seaculture S.A., a part of the Jerónimo Martins Group, produces fish in an offshore aquaculture system with a focus on sustainability.

Sorgal, with over 20 years of experience in animal nutrition, manufactures feed for poultry, livestock, aquaculture and petfood, prioritizing animal well-being and health.

SPAROS: Advancing aquaculture with innovative nutrition products, bridging research and industry, promoting sustainability since 2008.

SUMOL+COMPAL, rooted in nature, excels in Portuguese non-alcoholic beverages and packaged vegetables, with innovative brands recognized globally.

Instituto Superior Técnico promotes higher education excellence in Architecture, Engineering, Science, and Technology, offering diverse programs and fostering Research and Innovation.

The University of Aveiro, founded in 1973, is renowned for innovation, quality teaching, research, and collaboration with businesses.

The Biotechnology Center is a strategic R&D unit of the University of the Azores, focused on utilizing natural resources for innovation in environmental and bio-industrial sectors.

The CBQF (Centro de Biotecnologia e Química Fina) is a Research Centre created in 1992 within the Faculty of Biotechnology of the Catholic University of Portugal.

UMinho is a research-focused university with centers like CEB and CBMA excelling in biotechnology, bioengineering, and biological sciences research and education.

ISA, part of the University of Lisbon, focuses on higher research, technology transfer in agriculture, forestry, and related fields. It hosts three research centers and engages in various projects.

U.Porto is a leading university in innovation and research, excelling in all fields of knowledge, demonstrating excellence in global rankings.

NOVA FCT is a leading engineering and science school in Portugal, known for excellent research, quality programs, and graduate employability.

The NOVA Medical School (NMS) focuses on Education, Research, and Community, with a special emphasis on translational research and preventive medicine.

ITQB NOVA is an academic unit of NOVA dedicated to research in life sciences, chemistry, and related technologies.