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Algae Vertical at Jornadas CICECO 2023

Jornadas CICECO 2023: University of Aveiro represents Algae Vertical

The Algae Vertical project was present at the CICECO 2023 Journeys, represented by the University of Aveiro, at the Vista Alegre museum, in Ílhavo, last October.

In the context of the strategy aimed at the implementation of innovative approaches in the processing of algae biomass, aiming to obtain extracts and ingredients of high value through the concept of biorefinery, the University of Aveiro presented two posters within the scope of Subproject 2 (SP2).

Poster 1 | “Towards a Green and Efficient MAAs Extraction: A Multi-Product Biorefinery Approach”

Poster 2 | “Valorization of mycosporine-like amino acids and phycoerythrin from Palmaria palmata”

The event brought together several partners in the field of research and allowed to share the latest developments in the field of algae biorefinery.


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