#4 Meeting Algae Vertical

#4 reunião Algae Vertical (presencial)

  • Dia 13 de Março (quarta-feira)
  • Inscrição obrigatória neste formulário
  • Universidade de Aveiro, no Anfiteatro Carlos Borrego – Departamento de Ambiente e Ordenamento, Edifício 7.  Mapa 
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1st Annual Meeting of the Mobilizing and Green Agendas for Business Innovation

The 1st Annual Meeting of Mobilizing and Green Agendas for Business Innovation took place in Leiria, in a joint initiative between IAPMEI and ANI.
This event was attended by the Prime Minister, António Costa and the Minister of Economy and the Sea, António Costa and Silva. This initiative served as a platform for presenting the results and progress of projects currently underway, within the context of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR). During the event, Miguel Marques, President of Inovamar’s executive board of directors, presented the Blue Bioecomy Pact, unveiling the first results of the Vertical Projects.

Miguel Marques’ presentation is on our YouTube channel.

European Aquaculture 2023

The Algae Vertical project was present at the European Aquaculture 2023 Congress (EA23), held in Vienna, Austria, from September 18th to 23rd.
The organizations Sparos Lda, GreenColab, S2AQUAcoLAB and Necton were represented, displaying a set of scientific posters, in which they highlighted the most recent advances in the sustainable production of microalgae, the formulation of functional feeds and the improvement of fish health and performance.

Subproject 1a – Poster | “Algae Vertical Project: Sustainable Microalgae Production For New Functional Aquafeeds”
Subproject 5 – Poster | “Effect Of Dietary Micro And Macroalgae On The Performance, Gene Expression, And Oxidative Stress Of Sparus Aurata”
Subproject 5 – Poster | “Boosting Fish Gut Performance With Algae Biorefinery Products – An Ex Vivo Approach”
Subproject 5 – Poster | “Effect Of Dietary Micro And Macroalgae On The Performance, Gene Expression, And Oxidative Stress Of Dicentrarchus Labrax”

Leaders of the 7 Verticals of the Blue Bioeconomy Pact at Necton

Necton, the leader of the Algae Vertical, invited all the 7 vertical leaders of the Blue Bioeconomy Pact to visit Necton’s facility. This exclusive gathering served as the perfect platform for Necton to unveil its innovative range of algae-based products, setting the stage for a forward-looking discussion on the future of sustainable bioeconomy. The meeting culminated in a delightful and collaborative lunch at the CheckIn Restaurant in Faro, where industry leaders came together to explore synergies in the pursuit of a greener and more prosperous future.

Workshop “Blue Bioeconomy Pact: WP5 | Algae Vertical”

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon organized the Workshop “Blue Bioeconomy Pact: WP5 | Algae Vertical”, promoted by research professor Ana Amorim from MARE (Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences) and integrated into the Erasmus Amigo initiative. With Imane Wahby, from Université Mohammed V de Rabat, as guest speaker. This hybrid event was attended by other partners from the Algae Vertical project, including Alice Ferreira, Hugo Pereira, Prof. João Varela. The workshop sought to promote the sharing of knowledge and discussion of topics related to the project’s research and innovation, which covers several areas of study.

GreenCoLab Presents Algae-Based Solutions at 2023 Science Meeting in Aveiro

GreenColab was present at the 2023 Science Meeting | Employment and Circular and Sustainable Blue Economy, which took place at the University of Aveiro. GreenCoLab, represented by Daniel Silva, Dissemination Officer, participated in the thematic session “Employment and Circular and Sustainable Blue Economy”, where he presented the global innovation agenda of the Vertical Algae project, focusing on SP1 and SP2 activities. This session, organized by B2E CoLAB, +ATLANTIC, S2AQUAcoLAB and GreenCoLab, also included the intervention of several partners in a first PITCHS session, followed by a round table, moderated by Patrícia Gonçalves. The Science Meeting 2023 took place at the University of Aveiro, from the 5th to the 7th of July and was attended by several companies and entities that cover the different strategic sectors of the Algae Vertical project. With the theme “Science and the Ocean beyond the horizon”, this meeting focused on new sustainable processes, products and services, coming from the ocean, highlighting the national blue economy.

PROALGA’s Participation in APAA’s 4th Flash Webinar

Margarida Eustáquio, Project Manager at PROALGA, was present at a webinar organized by the Associação Portuguesa de Algologia Aplicada (APAA) on July 6th. In this online event, Margarida presented PROALGA, as an association that acts as a representative of algae producers, with the purpose of safeguarding the interests of the algae sector, also exploring future trajectories. She also presented the Algae Vertical project to the audience, revealing the objectives of Sub-Project 7, of which PROALGA is the leader.

Blue Bioeconomy Pact General Assembly at Oceanário de Lisboa

The General Assembly of the Blue Bioeconomy Pact took place at the Oceanário de Lisboa, on May 29th. This event brought together the 83 entities involved in the project and was attended by the Minister of Economy and the Sea – António Costa Silva, the Secretary of State for the Sea – José Maria Costa, and the President of IAPMEI – Luís Guerreiro.

Vertical Algae kick-off session took place at the University of Algarve

Algae Vertical from the Blue Bioeconomy Pact within the PRR fund, was launched at the University of Algarve, Penha Campus, with the presence of the Executive Management Board of Inovamar, Miguel Marques. All the Algae Vertical subprojects presentations are available on our YouTube channel.