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Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária, I. P. (INIAV)

The National Institute for Agricultural and Veterinary Research, I. P. (INIAV) is the State Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, which develops research activities in the agronomic and veterinary fields. Its mission is to implement scientific policy and carry out research to support public policies, in defense of national interests and in the pursuit and deepening of common EU policies. Additionally, INIAV provides laboratory services and technical and scientific support to farmers and industries, with the national reference laboratories in Animal Health, Plant Health and Food and Animal Safety. INIAV is responsible for the conservation and maintenance of the collections of plant and animal germplasm and national reference collections. INIAV’s participation in ALGAVALOR project focuses on work package 2, through the assessment of the immune response and the quality of the meat of pigs that have undergone the inclusion of microalgae in their feed during fattening / finishing phase.