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Necton – Companhia Portuguesa de Culturas Marinhas S.A.

Necton is the oldest company in Europe to produce and sell microalgae, serving the aquaculture and cosmetics sectors since 1997. Over the years, the Necton team has gained experience with about 30 species of microalgae, mainly from salt water, but also fresh water. All production activities have been accompanied by continuous R&D over the years, as part of many national and European research projects. Its history, experience and constant collaboration with universities, research centers and other companies have elevated Necton to the status of one of the leading companies in Microalgae Biotechnology. Necton’s participation in the ALGAVALOR project focuses on the treatment (bioremediation) of swine wastewater with microalgae. This bioremediation will allow the production of microalgae to be used as plant biofertilizers, accompanied by a reduction in the nutrient load in the effluent.