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Valorgado – Agricultura e Pecuária

Valorgado is a family business, founded by Vitor and Delfina Menino. They put down roots for this project in the 1980s, with a strong implementation taking place in 2006. The main objective of Valorgado is the production of pigs in closed cycle and cattle in extensive regime.
Valorgado has focused on a sustainable production, with special attention to environmental issues, animal welfare and health, as well as creating good working conditions for its employees, while respecting the territory and society in general. The search for an increasingly efficient production that focuses on the use and valorization of livestock effluents, in the collection and storage of rainwater, in the installation of solar panels to produce electric energy, among others, were achieved goals. Valorgado works daily to create, innovate, and improve even more. Following their path and philosophy, Valorgado will participate in work package 2 of the ALGAVALOR project, drawing on their knowledge to define the requirements of pig feed products and carrying out large-scale tests of the fattening phase in piglets and pigs.