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SeaWheat – COST Action

Co-promoter ALGAplus took part in the workshop “Emissions, Capture, Utilisation: Methodologies and Challenges for Ulva” in Estonia, organised by SeaWheat COST Action. Inês Oliveira, from ALGAplus, presented a poster and a presentation on the company’s development over the last decade and its involvement in projects such as Algae Vertical, which contribute to the evolution of the blue economy. The COST SeaWheat action (CA 20106 – TOMORROW’S ‘WHEAT OF THE SEA’: ULVA, A MODEL FOR INNOVATIVE MARICULTURE) uses interdisciplinary methods to sustainably exploit marine resources, focusing on the biology, ecology, aquaculture, engineering and socioeconomics of Ulva. In line with the food security priorities of Horizon 2020 and UN Sustainable Development Goal 14, SeaWheat promotes the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.


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